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Cast Iron Silent Check Valve

Silent Check Valves are used in a variety of liquid, air, and gas applications to prevent flow reversal and associated water hammer, vibration, and surges. They are available in a range of configurations and sizes, including compact dimensions for limited spaces -- as well as multiple pressure classes and material construction.

Cast Iron Silent Check Valve

What is a silent check valve?

Silent check valves, also known as non-slam check valves and spring-assisted check valves reduce or eliminate water hammer and its effects. Water hammer refers to the high-pressure shock waves that occur when the flow of fluid abruptly stops (due to pump shut down or a valve disc quickly closing) in a piping system.

Do check valves make noise?

If you hear a loud noise every time you pump stops, you have a Standard Check Valve installed. That noise is the check valve closing which creates a slamming effect when the water flow reverses in the discharge pipe after the pump stops.

What is Wafer check valve?

Wafer check valves are in-line piping valves used to control fluid flow direction and reduce or fully prevent possible back flow within plumbing systems. ... This disk only opens in one direction and closes shut under back pressure to seal the valve against opposing fluid flow.

What is the difference between check valve and non-return valve?

A non-return valve lets the fluid flow in one direction. When fluid in the line reverses direction, a check valve prevents backflow by allowing flow in one direction. The check valves are usually designed for a particular pressure.

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