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Marine Gate Valve Manufacturers

Gate valve is probably the first valve you think of in a ship piping system. It is widely used in the whole ship. Gate valves are valued for their simple form and effective function. Gate valves get their name from the wedge that moves up and down in the valve body to allow water or other media to pass through, much like a gate in a castle. Gate valves are well suited for on/off applications, but they should not be used to partially restrict flow in throttling situations, as the wedge-shaped gate is designed to handle this horizontal stress without seat support. Conventional gate valves consist of a valve body, bonnet or yoke, wedge plate, seat and stem, and handwheel. Gate valves can also be activated to allow remote control. Gate valves do come in a variety of forms, with connections ranging from socket welded and threaded to joint end welded and flanged. tork stocks a variety of gate valves, but our most common choice is the Monel alloy gate valve with a bronze body. Commercially, these valves are typically 150 lb. flanged. For the Navy, MIL-V-1189 is the military gate valve of choice. These valves are available in 100-pound, 250-pound (per NAVSEA DWG 803-2177917), or 400-pound and are equipped with flanges per MIL-F-20042.

Marine Gate Valve Manufacturers

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A gate valve, also known as a gate valve, is a valve primarily used to allow or stop the flow of a liquid. The gate surface can be parallel, wedge-shaped, etc. It is driven by a screw connected to an actuator.

Our gate valves are available in nominal diameters from 50 mm to 500 mm and nominal pressures from 0.25 MPa to 0.6 MPa

The valve body can be cast iron, cast steel or cast tin bronze and the stem or nut can be bronze or stainless steel for neutral non-corrosive liquids such as hot and cold water, sea water, saturated steam, oil, etc.

Our gate valves have been certified by DNV, LR, BV, ABS, RINA, etc. If you have a marine gate valve, Andew Marine will be your best choice.

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