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what is a gate valve used for

What is the difference between gate valve and ball valve?

The main difference lies in the method of operation. To open/close the orifice, the gate valve moves a solid disc up and down. To open/close the valve, the ball valve rotates the ball with a hole (orifice) 90 degrees.

Are gate valves better than ball valves?

Ball valves are more effective in forming tight seals and have higher reliability and life than gate valves, but they are more expensive. They are often used to shut down and control applications. Because the ball valve can be opened and closed instantaneously, it is more likely to cause water hammer than the gate valve.

Application of Gate Valve

Socket or butt-welded gate valves in air, gas, water, steam, lubricating oil and other systems are typical applications. The threaded end gate valve can be used in air, gas or liquid systems.

Concerns about threaded connection leakage can be solved by sealing and welding the threaded connection or using thread sealant, depending on the situation. Flanged gate valves are commonly used in low-pressure and low-temperature systems such as water supply pipes or water distribution pipes in fire fighting systems.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves?

Under normal circumstances, gate valves cannot be used to regulate flow. It can be used for low temperature and low pressure or high temperature and high pressure, and can be selected according to different valve materials. However, gate valves are generally not used to transport mud and other media in pipelines.

What are different types of gate valves?

Solid taper wedge.

Flexible wedge.

Split wedge or Parallel disks Valve.

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