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Gate Valve

Gate Valve JIS 10K is a gate valve conforming to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) specifications and designed to withstand a pressure rating of 10 kilograms. This valve plays an important role in industry and has many excellent features for a variety of fluid control systems.

Excellent sealing performance: The gate valve JIS 10K utilizes high quality seals to prevent fluid leakage and ensure safe operation of the system.

Rugged and durable: robust structural design, corrosion-resistant materials, suitable for a variety of harsh industrial environments, with long-term stable performance.

Flexible and reliable operation: Gate valve JIS 10K is easy to operate, flexible and reliable opening and closing, suitable for a variety of fluid control needs.

Gate Valve JIS 10K is widely used in the following areas:

Water supply systems: Used in municipal water supply lines and water treatment facilities.

Chemical industry: for fluid control and piping systems in chemical plants.

Energy industry: for fluid control in the energy sector such as oil, gas and power generation.

When selecting a suitable gate valve JIS 10K, the following factors should be considered:

Working Pressure: Determine the working pressure range of the system and select a valve that meets the requirements.

Media properties: Consider the nature and temperature of the fluid, select corrosion-resistant materials and suitable seals.

Gate valve JIS 10K is an indispensable component of the fluid control system, providing stable and reliable fluid control solutions for industrial production.

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