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globe valve vs ball valve

What are the main differences between ball valves and globe valves?

The main difference between ball valves and globe valves is the way they close. A ball valve has a stem and a ball, which rotate horizontally and are usually called "rotary" valves. The globe valve has a stem and a plug, which stroke linearly, and give them another name "stroke" valve. Ball valves are best suited for applications that require on/off control without pressure drop. The globe valve is good at regulating flow.

How does the ball valve work?

The ball valve is designed to contain a ball in the valve. The ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve that uses a hollow, perforated and rotating ball (called a "floating ball") to control the flow through it. It is open when the hole of the ball matches the flow rate, and it closes when it is rotated 90 degrees by the valve handle. When the handle is opened, it is flush with the water flow, and when it is closed, it is perpendicular to the water flow, making it easy to visually confirm the state of the valve.

How does the shut-off valve work?

For many years, the globe valve has been the industry standard for control valves. They are named for their spherical shape, the two halves of the body are separated by an internal baffle. It has an opening to form a valve seat, and a movable plug (or disc) can be screwed into the valve seat to close the valve. Usually, the automatic shut-off valve uses a smooth stem instead of a thread, and is opened and closed by the actuator assembly

globe valve vs ball valve

The main difference between ball valves and gate valves is how they close. "Ball valves have a stem and ball that can rotate horizontally, so they are often referred to as rotary valves," Scott continued. "Although glove valves have a stem and a linear stroke stopper, their other name is a stroke valve. With this in mind, ball valves are usually more suitable for applications that require no-drop on/off control, while globe valves are better at regulating flow".

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