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Ball Valve

Yuanda offers Cast Iron Ball Valves JIS 10K that are essential components for fluid control in industrial applications. Known for their efficient performance and reliable quality, these valves are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Cast Iron Ball Valves

Cast Iron Ball Valve is a fluid control valve, made of cast iron material with the following features:

Corrosion resistance: Cast iron material has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for a variety of media.

Pressure resistance: designed to withstand high pressure, suitable for demanding industrial environments.

Easy to install: simple structure, easy to install, suitable for a variety of pipeline connections.

JIS 10K cast iron ball valves are widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, natural gas and water supply, etc. They are the key equipment to ensure the safe operation of fluid pipelines.

Ball Valve JIS 10K

Ball Valves JIS 10K conform to Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) specifications and are designed to withstand a pressure rating of 10 kilograms. These valves have the following features:

High-performance sealing: The ball valves utilize high-quality seals to ensure excellent sealing performance of the valves.

Reliable and Durable: Robust construction and corrosion-resistant materials for long-term stable operation.

Wide range of applications: Suitable for use in a variety of medium pressure fluid control systems, including water supply, chemical and manufacturing industries.

Ball valves JIS 10K are indispensable components in fluid control systems, providing stable and reliable fluid control solutions for industrial production.

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