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Cast Flow Check Valve

Flow control check valves provide positive shutoff when the circulator is not running and prevent the flow of water to radiation units in commercial and residential hydronic heating systems. Cast Iron Check Valves for use in commercial and industrial applications. Typical services include: hot and cold water, HVAC, steam, gas and other general utility services. 

Cast Flow Check Valve

What is the purpose of a flow check valve?

Flow check valves are controls that prevent hot or chilled water from circulating in the heating or cooling system at certain times. We offer flow check valves (or boiler check valves) that provide positive shutoff when the circulator is not running, preventing the flow of water to radiation units.

Does a check valve reduce flow?

Check valves are designed to prevent water flowing in one direction while moving somewhat freely in the other direction. ... The guts of a swing check valve. This one's corroded “axle” (often made from brass) allows the gate to fall into the water stream, preventing it from checking or reducing flow.

Which way does a check valve flow?

Check valves are automatic valves that open with forward flow and close against reverse flow. They are also known as non-return valves.

What is the difference between check valve and non-return valve?

A non-return valve lets the fluid flow in one direction. When fluid in the line reverses direction, a check valve prevents backflow by allowing flow in one direction. The check valves are usually designed for a particular pressure.

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