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Cast Iron

KS-JIS Cast Iron Valves are valves that conform to the Korean and Japanese Industrial Standard (KS-JIS) specifications and are commonly used in various industrial fluid control systems. Made of cast iron material, these valves are characterized by ruggedness and reliability for a variety of applications.

Cast Iron Valves

Corrosion Resistance: Cast iron material has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for many different media.

Reliable and durable: sturdy structure and reasonable design, capable of long-term stable operation, reducing maintenance costs.

Widely used: applicable to a variety of industries and fields, such as water supply, chemical industry, oil and gas.

KS-JIS cast iron valves are widely used in the following fields:

Water supply system: used in city water supply pipelines, water treatment facilities, etc.

Chemical industry: for fluid control and piping systems in chemical plants.

Oil and gas industry: used for fluid control in oil fields, pipelines and refineries.

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