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Check Valve

KS-JIS Cast Iron Check Valves are valves that conform to the Korean and Japanese Industrial Standard (KS-JIS) specifications and are commonly used in industrial fluid piping systems to prevent backflow or reverse flow of fluids. Manufactured from cast iron material, these valves are characterized by robustness and reliability and are widely used in different applications.

Anti-Backflow: KS-JIS Cast Iron Check Valves are designed to prevent backflow of fluids in pipelines and maintain unidirectional flow of fluids.

Corrosion resistance: Cast iron material has good corrosion resistance and is suitable for a wide range of media and environments.

Sturdy structure: The valve structure is well designed, with strong pressure resistance, capable of long-term stable operation.

KS-JIS cast iron check valve is widely used in the following fields:

Water supply system: used in urban water supply pipelines, water treatment facilities, etc., to prevent sewage backflow.

Industrial piping: used in various industrial fluid piping systems, to protect equipment and prevent backflow of fluids.

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