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  • API Stainless Steel Gate Valve

  • API Stainless Steel Gate Valve

API Stainless Steel Gate Valve

Technical Requirement:

1. Design and Manufacture: API 603

2. Face to Face: ASME B16.10

3. Flange End: ASME B16.5

4 Test: API 598

Product Details

API Stainless Steel Gate Valve

Main parts and materials

Parts NameMaterials
Body、BonnetASTM A351
DiscASTM A351
StemASTM A965
Seat RingASTM A351

What is an API Stainless Steel Gate Valve?

API Stainless Steel Gate Valves are essential components used in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation. These valves adhere to the rigorous standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API), ensuring high-quality performance in demanding applications. Constructed from stainless steel, they offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for high-pressure and high-temperature environments.

Key Features of Yuanda API Stainless Steel Gate Valves

Yuanda, a leading manufacturer in the valve industry, produces a range of API Stainless Steel Gate Valves that meet the stringent requirements of API standards. Yuanda's valves are known for their superior durability, precise engineering, and reliable operation. Here are some standout features:

High-Quality Materials: Yuanda API gate valves are made from premium-grade stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance and extending the valve's lifespan.

Robust Construction: Designed to handle high pressures and temperatures, these valves ensure tight shutoff and prevent leaks, even under severe conditions.

API Compliance: All Yuanda valves adhere to API specifications, guaranteeing compatibility and performance in industry-standard applications.

Versatile Applications: These valves are suitable for a wide range of applications, from oil and gas pipelines to chemical processing plants.

For top-of-the-line API Stainless Steel Gate Valves, trust Yuanda to deliver products that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for detailed product information, pricing, or support, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings