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Cast Check Valve

Cast Iron Check Valves for use in commercial and industrial applications. Typical services include: hot and cold water, HVAC, steam, gas and other general utility services. 

Cast Check Valve

What is a check valve used for?

The main purpose of a check valve is to prevent backflow in the system. Figure 1 shows an example of a check valve. A check valve relies on a pressure differential to work. They require a higher pressure on the input side of the valve than the output side to open the valve.

What are the two basic types of check valves?

Check valves differ significantly from gate and globe valves. Check valves are designed to prevent backflow. Backflow simply means flow that has reversed itself within a pipe and begins to flow backwards. There are many designs of check valves, but the two most common types are the swing check and the lift check.

What is the difference between a check valve and a swing check valve?

One difference between these types of check valves is that the they allow and prevent flow. A swing check valve uses a flapper that 'swings' off the seat to allow forward flow and then swings back onto the seat when the flow is stopped.

What is Wafer check valve?

Wafer check valves are in-line piping valves used to control fluid flow direction and reduce or fully prevent possible back flow within plumbing systems. ... This disk only opens in one direction and closes shut under back pressure to seal the valve against opposing fluid flow.

When should check valves be used?

For example, check valves are used in all stormwater and wastewater systems where they prevent backflow. Failed check valves which are corroded or jammed can result in standing water or flooding and associated health impacts because of contact with contaminated water.

Is a check valve necessary?

Do I need a check valve? A check valve is a valve that is used to prevent backflow in a piping system. ... Even if a pump does have a built-in check valve, we recommend that a check valve be installed in the discharge line within 25 feet of the pump and below the draw down level of the water supply.

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