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6 Inch Pvc Swing Check Valve

In recent years, Yuanda has witnessed a rising awareness in engineering field and international field, established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with famous enterprises and several transnational groups in fields such as petroleum, petrochemical, water conservancy and steel and made its vision a reality. Yuanda attaches importance to after-sales services, continues to improve after-sales service mechanism: it's Yuanda's service philosophy to stay customer-oriented and provide quick-response and quality services. We commit that we are always ready to help no matter where you are.

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6 Inch Pvc Swing Check Valve

What is the difference between a check valve and a swing check valve?

One difference between these types of check valves is that the they allow and prevent flow. A swing check valve uses a flapper that 'swings' off the seat to allow forward flow and then swings back onto the seat when the flow is stopped.

Is there a PVC check valve?

PVC swing check valves are a type of check valve designed to allow flow in one direction only. Commonly used in applications where backflow would cause flooding or damage sensitive components, PVC swing check valves are a vital piece of many PVC systems.

What is a PVC swing check valve?

Standard PVC swing check valves are used in a wide range of applications from commercial installations to home and aquatic use. Our quality swing check valves are made of white PVC material with a "swinging" mechanism in the body of the valve that opens up to allow flow and closes to prevent back-flow.

What is the difference between wafer check valve and swing check valve?

Wafer check valves get their name from their wafer thin design. These valves are sleek and made to fit in tight spaces between two flanges. ... Swing check valves, as the name implies, also uses a swinging disc to allow or block flow. The difference between the two is in the body design.

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