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8 Cast Iron Backwater Valve

In recent years, Yuanda has witnessed a rising awareness in engineering field and international field, established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with famous enterprises and several transnational groups in fields such as petroleum, petrochemical, water conservancy and steel and made its vision a reality. Yuanda attaches importance to after-sales services, continues to improve after-sales service mechanism: it's Yuanda's service philosophy to stay customer-oriented and provide quick-response and quality services. We commit that we are always ready to help no matter where you are. 

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8 Cast Iron Backwater Valve

Yuanda backwater valves are a safeguard against water damage. Anyone who has ever experienced flooding caused by a reversal of sewage flow never wants to be confronted with a reoccurrence. Damage is extensive and generally uninsurable. Backwater and its attendant problems must therefore be seriously considered in terms of adequate control and prevention by individuals responsible for the design and construction of buildings. To overlook the possibility of backwater or underestimate the destruction and unsanitary conditions that will result from uncontrolled backwater would be a grave mistake. Yuanda Backwater Valves provide the flood control that is required.

Yuanda offers four basic types of assemblies.

SWING-CHECK - The most frequently used backwater valve is the swing-check, rotating, self-cleaning disc type. This valve is normally furnished with the disc installed in the closed position to prevent circulation of sewer gas. If desired, the disc can be assembled to hang open to permit circulation of air by moving the hinge pin to its alternate position.

SHEAR-GATE - This manually operated shear-gate valve is spade shaped to cut through any sewage debris that may become lodged on the seating surface providing positive assurance of complete closing against backwater.

BALL-FLOAT CHECK - This type of backwater valve is incorporated in certain floor drains and traps. It is also used as auxiliary equipment for bottom outlet floor drains to provide independent backflow protection. The ball-float seals against the ring seat with backflow.

COMBINATION SHEAR-GATE AND SWING-CHECK VALVE - This combination valve provides dual protection against backflow. The automatic swing-check responds with instant closure when backflow starts. During emergency periods, when a serious backwater condition exists or is expected, or when the building drainage system is to be shut down, the manually operated shear-gate is closed until the building drain line can be used again. The shear-gate valve is kept open when the building drainage system is in use. This type of backwater valve is intended primarily for installation in new construction.

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