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  • API Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve

  • API Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve

API Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve

Technical Requirement:

1. Design and Manufacture: ASME B16.34

2. Face to Face: ASME B16.10

3. Flange End: ASME B16.5

4 Test: API 598

Product Details

API Stainless Steel Swing Check Valve

API stainless steel swing check valves are critical components in various industrial systems, designed to prevent backflow and protect equipment from potential damage. These valves use a swinging disc to allow flow in one direction while preventing reverse flow, ensuring that fluids move efficiently and safely through pipelines. Adherence to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards ensures that these valves meet high-performance and reliability criteria, making them suitable for demanding applications. For more detailed specifications or to select a valve for a specific application, contact us!

How does a stainless steel swing check valve work?

A stainless steel swing check valve operates using a hinged disc that swings on a pivot. Here’s how it works:

  • Forward Flow: When fluid flows in the desired direction, the pressure of the fluid pushes the disc open, allowing flow through the valve.

  • Reverse Flow: If the flow reverses or stops, gravity and the reverse flow pressure force the disc to swing back and close against the valve seat, effectively blocking the reverse flow and preventing backflow.

This simple yet effective mechanism makes swing check valves reliable and easy to maintain.

What are the advantages of API stainless steel swing check valves?

API stainless steel swing check valves offer several benefits:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel construction provides excellent resistance to rust and corrosion, suitable for harsh environments.

  • Durability: These valves can withstand high pressures and temperatures, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.

  • Low Maintenance: The straightforward design of the swing check valve requires minimal maintenance, reducing operational costs.

  • Backflow Prevention: They effectively prevent backflow, protecting pumps and other downstream equipment from potential damage.

  • Compliance with Standards: API certification ensures that the valves meet rigorous industry standards for performance and safety.

Main parts and materials

Parts NameMaterials
Body、BonnetASTM A351
DiscASTM A351
Seat RingASTM A351