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best gate valves

Gate valves are usually used in older piping systems and applications that do not require frequent closures. Large water supply lines use gate valves because they have straight flow paths and fewer flow restrictions. Ball valves are increasingly used in new piping systems that need to be closed frequently.

Gate valves are used for slurry and viscous media applications because they are easier to clean and maintain. Ball valves are undesirable because they are difficult to clean and mud particles may damage the rotating ball.

Gate valves are used in high temperature and high pressure environments such as power plants, mining and water treatment.

Ball valves are commonly used in fire protection systems and marine applications. They are best not used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications because ball valves are difficult to clean and can cause contamination.

best gate valves

What are different types of gate valves?

Introduction to Gate Valves and Gate Valve Types

1.Full-Port Gate Valve

The full-bore valve specification means that the hole diameter of the valve is not limited in the pipeline. Well, standard (reduced diameter) port valves can cause flow restriction, which can lead to cavitation and pressure loss. Another reason for using full-bore valves is for cleaning.

2.Parallel Disk Gate Valve

The parallel seat door assembly consists of two interchangeable spring-loaded discs, a fully guided disc frame and fixed pins. Positioning the valve seat eliminates the stress and potential constraints caused by the thermal expansion of the valve stem.

3.Solid Wedge Gate Valve

The wedge-shaped gate valve has a wedge-shaped disc that rests on two inclined valve seats. Solid wedges are used for high flow or turbulent flow applications, such as steam service. The robust design also minimizes vibration and vibration.

4.Flexible Wedge Gate Valve

The elastic wedge is an integral disc with a cutout on the periphery to improve the ability to correct errors or angle changes between seats. The size, shape and depth of the reduction will vary. The shallow and narrow incision has almost no elasticity, but retains its strength.

5.Split Wedge Gate Valve

Separate wedges can be automatically adjusted and automatically aligned to the sides of the seat. This wedge is composed of a two-piece structure located between the conical valve seats in the valve body. This type of wedges is suitable for processing gases and liquids that do not condense at room temperature, especially corrosive liquids.

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