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Maintenance of Pneumatic Ball Valves

Pneumatic ball valve in the usual use of the role of more and more, it gradually replaced other valve types, this valve type has more advantages.
The aerodynamic ball valve only needs the operation of gas rotation and a small torque to close tightly.Fully equivalent valve body cavity for the medium supply resistance is very small, through the flow channel.Usually the ball valve is suitable for direct open and close use, but the recent development of the ball valve has been planned to make it has throttling and flow control.The first characteristic of pneumatic ball valve is its own structure compact, easy to operate and repair, suitable for water, solvent, acid and natural gas and other normal operating medium, and also suitable for harsh operating conditions of the medium, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene.
The installation of pneumatic ball valves is actually very simple, experienced technicians can install and debug hundreds of sets of pneumatic ball valves a day, there are many customers after receiving our manufacturer's pneumatic ball valves, think the valve is very heavy, the matched actuator is also very large.
And some pneumatic accessories such as pneumatic filter valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, limit return and spare handwheel, in fact, these accessories before the factory are through the installation and debugging completed, as long as the arrival of the inspection whether the appearance of damage or deformation can be, mainly between the valve and the pipeline docking problem.
For small diameter pneumatic ball Valve, generally is the majority of thread, clamp and welding, these installation is simple, now gost gate valve manufacturer for you to introduce the installation of pneumatic ball Valve problems.

Aerodynamic Ball Valve
Aerodynamic Ball Valve

Pneumatic ball valve installation process:
1. Remove the protection covers on both sides of the flange end and rinse the valve when it is fully open.
2. Before installation, the machine shall be tested according to the specified signal (electricity or gas) to prevent vibration caused by transportation from affecting the performance. After passing the standard, the machine can be installed online (the wiring shall be according to the circuit diagram of the electric actuator).
3. Before preparing for connection with the pipe, wash and clean the remaining impurities in the pipe (these substances may damage the seat and ball).
4, during the installation, please do not use the valve actuator part as lifting point, to avoid damage to the actuator and accessories.
5. The valve shall be installed in the horizontal or vertical direction of the pipeline.
6. The pipe near the installation point should not be lowered or bear the phenomenon of external force. The deviation of the pipe can be eliminated by the pipe bracket or support.
7. After connecting with the pipe, please use the specified torque to cross-lock the flange connection bolts.
Operation after installation of pneumatic ball valve:
1. Make sure that the pipeline and valve have been flushed before operation.
2, the operation of the valve according to the size of the actuator input signal to drive the stem rotation complete: forward rotation 1/4 turn (90°, the valve off.Reverse rotation 1/4 turn)90°, valve open.
3. When the direction indicator arrow of the actuator is parallel to the pipeline, the valve is in the open state;When the indicating arrow is perpendicular to the line, the valve is closed.


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