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What Should be Pay Attention to When Installing a Pneumatic Ball Valve?

Aerodynamic ball valve is equipped with a series of accessories such as: filter pressure reducing valve, limit return, electromagnetic directional valve, pressure gauge, quick air release valve, manual switch and various Connector
Some adjustment types are also equipped with pneumatic ball valve positioning controllers, etc., so that the installation requirements are more stringent, and slight accidents may cause parts to rub, break or squeeze and deform. It doesn't hurt if you tighten it tightly. Some parts need to be replaced if they are deformed or damaged.
If it is a precision part such as a pneumatic ball valve positioning controller that is displaced due to a collision or the connecting rod is deformed, it is not as simple as replacing the parts. At this time, it is necessary to return the entire pneumatic ball valve to the factory and replace it with a new one.

Aerodynamic Ball Valve

Aerodynamic Ball Valve

Gost ball valves manufacturer introduces to you:
Before installation, the pneumatic ball valve should be inspected, the specifications and models should be checked, and there should be no damage, especially for the pneumatic components. See if it is skewed, damaged or deformed, because during transportation, the goods will inevitably fall or be squeezed by other goods.
Then it is to remove the debris in the valve. Under normal circumstances, there is a dust bag on the outside of the pneumatic ball valve. However, when the pneumatic ball valve is packaged, there will inevitably be some shock-absorbing fillers such as cardboard and foam in the wooden box. If it falls into high requirements The like the pneumatic vacuum ball valve will definitely affect its normal operation.
When the pneumatic ball valve is lifted, the rope should not be tied to the hand wheel or valve stem, so as not to damage these parts, it should be tied to the flange.
The pipeline connected to the pneumatic ball valve must be cleaned. Be sure to clean it up. Be sure to clean it up. In many cases, the installation and construction site will ignore this link, please remember.
Compressed air can be used to blow off iron oxide chips, mud, welding slag and other debris. These debris are not only easy to scratch the sealing surface of the pneumatic ball valve. Among them, large particles of debris (such as welding slag) can also block the small pneumatic ball valve and make it invalid. When installing the pneumatic threaded ball valve, the sealing packing (wire hemp plus aluminum oil or PTFE raw material tape or sealant, etc.) should be wrapped on the pipe thread. Do not get into the pneumatic ball valve to avoid accumulation in the valve Affect the medium circulation.
When installing pneumatic flange ball valves, pay attention to tighten the bolts symmetrically and evenly. The flange of the pneumatic ball valve must be parallel to the flange of the pipe with a reasonable gap to avoid excessive pressure or even cracking of the pneumatic ball valve. Special attention should be paid to brittle materials and low-strength plastic pneumatic ball valves.
Some pneumatic ball valves also need external protection, which is heat preservation and cold preservation. Hot steam lines are sometimes added to the insulation. What kind of pneumatic ball valve should be insulated or kept cold depends on production requirements.
Some pneumatic ball valves are installed in the open air environment, which is greatly affected by the wind and sun and the temperature difference between day and night, especially for the service life of some high-precision pneumatic components. It is recommended to add a protective cover device.

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