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What Are the Types of Butterfly Valves?

 The butterfly valve is a valve that uses a circular disc plate as an opening and closing member and opens, closes, and adjusts the fluid passage with the rotation of the valve stem. The disc of the butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipe. Earlier applications started with air volume adjustment baffles on chimneys or chimneys and were also used in low pressure systems such as ventilation or air supply. In recent years, metal-sealed butterfly valves have developed rapidly. With the application of high-temperature, low-temperature, strong corrosion resistance, strong erosion resistance, and high-strength alloy materials in butterfly valves, metal-sealed butterfly valves have been used at high temperatures, low temperatures, and strong erosion. It has been widely used under the condition of I, and partly replaced the globe valve, gate valve and ball valve. So how many kinds of butterfly valves? Cast steel butterfly valves supplier to introduce you.
The butterfly valve is classified according to the driving mode;
Electric butterfly valve: electric actuator and butterfly valve body.
Pneumatic butterfly valve: pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve body.
Pneumatic drive type butterfly valve: manual device and butterfly valve body.
Hydraulic butterfly valve (used under special conditions, not introduced).
2. Butterfly valves are classified according to their structural forms;
Centerline butterfly valve, eccentric butterfly valve (double eccentric butterfly valve, triple eccentric butterfly valve)
3. Cast iron butterfly valves are classified according to sealing surfaces;
Soft seal (Material: ordinary nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber; wear-resistant EPDM rubber, anti-corrosion polytetrafluoroethylene,UPVC material); metal hard seal (material: STL alloy surfacing)
Fourth, butterfly valve manual device optional;
Handle (usually small-diameter handle), turbine (caliber over DN150,-general matching turbine)
Five, butterfly valve in accordance with the connection;
Wafer type connection (commonly used), flange type connection (for large diameter, generally more than DN300), clamp connection
(For quick loading, -usually used in the sanitary food industry)
Six, the butterfly valve body chooses different materials according to different media;
Common materials: ductile iron, cast steel (carbon steel); stainless steel materials: SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L;
Corrosion and other special materials: UPVC, CPVC, Teflon.

Cast Iron Butterfly Valves
Cast Iron Butterfly Valves

Field application of butterfly valve;
Sanitary butterfly valve (-used in the food industry); low-load ventilation butterfly valve (-used in ventilation ducts, smoke and dust removal ducts)
When to use a manual butterfly valve? As a control element in a fluid pipeline system, a manual butterfly valve can cut off the flow in the pipeline system.
It is one of the commonly used devices in piping systems to measure, regulate and drain pipeline pressure. There are two types of manual butterfly valve: handle butterfly valve and turbine butterfly valve. Different types and materials of manual butterfly valve are suitable for different working conditions.
The selection of manual butterfly valve is as follows:
1. The purpose of the selected valve, operating conditions and control methods.
2. The nature of the working medium: working pressure, working temperature, corrosion performance, whether it contains solid particles, whether the medium is toxic,
Whether it is a flammable and explosive medium, the viscosity of the medium, etc.
3. Requirements for valve] fluid characteristics: flow resistance, discharge capacity, flow characteristics, sealing grade, etc.
4. Nominal diameter, connection with the pipeline and connection size, external dimensions or weight restrictions.
5. Additional requirements for valve product reliability, service life and explosion-proof performance of electric devices.
Note: When determining the valve] parameter: If you choose a control valve for the purpose of controlling the flow, you must talk to the valve [] supplier
Determine additional parameters: operating method, flow requirements, pressure drop for normal flow, pressure drop when closed, inlet pressure of the valve.
Generally, manual butterfly valves are recommended under the following working conditions:
1.Requires throttling and regulating control flow;
2.Mud medium and medium containing solid particles;
3.Requires valve [where the door structure is short;
4.The platform that requires fast opening and closing speed;
4.Requires fast opening and closing times;
5. Field with small pressure difference.
Here is the selection of manual butterfly valve. Bund valve, specializing in the production of various types of manual butterfly valve, if you have
Purchase requirements, you are welcome to call our hotline to inquire about ordering.

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