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Why Use a Ball Check Valve?

 The sewage riser is mainly used for the collection and promotion of sewage in the building, and the composition of the sewage in the building is more complicated: toilet paper, various kitchen and sundries, etc. will be mixed in, and the sewage pump through the sewage riser Will discharge these debris into the municipal pipeline through the pipeline. A set of 10k vertical check valves will be arranged at the outlet of each sewage riser to prevent sewage from returning to the collection tank after being pumped out. On the one hand, the drainage efficiency will be improved. On the other hand, it is used to prevent the water pump from being reversed by the returning sewage, causing damage to the motor of the water pump. So equipped with a durable and reliable check valve is a very important part of the sewage pumping process.
At present, there are generally two types of check valves in the market, one is a plate type check valve, and the other is a spherical check valve. So what are the characteristics of these two check valves? Cast iron check valve supplier to share with you:
Swing check valve:
This check valve is the main equipment of the current sewage lifter. It has the characteristics of simple structure and low price, which can cope with most of the working conditions. The outer rubber is pressed against the base to achieve sealing and prevent backflow of sewage.
From the structure we can see that the sealing surface of the check valve of this structure is fixed, and the sealing line is constant all year round. If there are some debris on the sealing surface, it will directly affect its sealing effect, and Under the continuous action of the sealing plate, the sealing surface left with residues is very easy to be damaged, and each time the sealing plate is dropped, a water hammer effect will occur, and the life of the check valve will be affected to a certain extent. However, the advantage is that the structure is simple, most of the materials use engineering plastics, and the cost is relatively low. Therefore, check valves of this structure are generally used in entry-level sewage risers.

10k Vertical Check Valves

10k Vertical Check Valves

Ball check valve:
Spherical check valve is the best used check valve in the sewage industry. During the use of the ball check valve, the ball will continuously roll over the sealing surface with the flow of water. It has a self-cleaning effect on the sealing surface. If any foreign matter adheres to the sealing surface, the sealing ball will remove it in the first time, ensuring the long-term effectiveness of the seal. In addition, the ball valve is uniformly stressed during use, and the structure is sturdy, making it more difficult to damage. Spherical check valves are used in relatively high-grade sewage risers.

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