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Electric Butterfly Valve Is Widely Used In Real Life

 Electric butterfly valve has an unshakable position in real life. Bring us a lot of convenience. The application range is also very wide, why is this?
Gost gate valve suppliers share with you:
First, it is convenient and quick to open and close
For the shortcomings of slow opening and closing of ordinary valves, the electric valve has been perfectly solved. It is no longer time-consuming and laborious to open and close once, and it can even be opened and closed at any time during the operation. Very convenient.
Second, we must understand electric butterfly valve Storage

20k Butterfly Valve

20k Butterfly Valve

For 20K Butterfly Valve in terms of such items should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, outdoor exposure can not be stored; ring not in contact with the oily substances, mainly to prevent aging.
In addition its storage and transportation are also high demands. There are generally two methods, one path ends with boring cover, be dust, rust, kept clean channel.
The other is that the processed surfaces of the two ends of the butterfly valve should be cleaned of dirt and coated with rust inhibitor. Another point to note is that the electric butterfly valve with a storage period of more than 18 months should be retested before installation and use.
To ensure structural and functional integrity. When the electric butterfly valve is placed, it shall be ensured that the electric device is not crushed and the terminals are not damaged, and the contact with corrosive substances is prevented. Handle with care to avoid damage to electrical components and mechanical parts.
Third, the structural characteristics of electric butterfly valves
There is no phase jam between the butterfly plate and the seal ring. The sealing performance of the valve is not affected by temperature changes. The three-dimensional eccentric sealing system coupled with the optimized design makes the valve opening resistance small.
The sealing surface of the butterfly plate is a tapered convex shape. At the time of opening, the points on the circumferential surface of the butterfly plate are completely separated from the sealing ring at the same time, and solid objects are not easy to accumulate on the sealing surface.
The valve closing process is completed by the elastic pressure of the seal ring. The shaft diameter of the valve stem is sealed by graphite pressing. Under high temperature and high pressure conditions, it still has stable sealing performance.
The special sealing system of china famous butterfly valve can guarantee high sealing performance in all temperature ranges from ultra-low temperature to ultra-high temperature.To sum up, zero leakage is ensured. All are zero leakage, so they are intrinsically fire safe.

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