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Solve the problem of reducing valve in city water supply

 Solve the problem of reducing valve in city water supply

(1) keep dirt and sundries away from the pressure-reducing valve pressure relief guarantee system. Newly built or revamped pressure relief system pipe network, is likely to leave sand, hemp, debris. Before putting into operation, generally should carry on the water flushing, after meeting the cleaning requirements, install the pressure reducing valve and filter core, so as to avoid sundries into the pressure reducing valve, reducing valve core phenomenon. After the system enters the work, it is closely related to the flow capacity of the filter set on the system to ensure the smooth flow of the pressure relief system. If the filter element is seriously adsorbed by sundries, it will affect the work of the pressure reducing valve. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct regular inspection on the filter to timely pollute. Practice shows that this work is carried out every 2 to 3 months, and some adjustable (spring-type, thin-film) pressure-reducing valves, the main valve or pilot valve itself to set a filter, also need to regularly disassemble and wash the filter element.

(2) the pressure-reducing valve China set prepared by 1 should be rotated regularly. Most of the high - rise building water pressure relief valve pressure relief support system, is set up in the vertical water supply, generally located on the main water supply area. Considering the water reliability of many users (the residential area has dozens to hundreds of households, public buildings such as hotels, restaurants, each area has dozens of rooms... ), pressure reducing valve shall be installed side by side in design (1 for 1). The pressure relief channel is equipped with gate valve or butterfly valve on both sides, which can open and close any pressure relief channel. In order to make the parallel two sets of pressure relief valve channels work normally, it is routine to exchange once a month, and the pressure relief channel remains stagnant water and scale, and the valve core of pressure relief element will be stuck and fail.

Valve Supplier China

Valve Supplier China

Upon the arrival of the water supply pressure-reducing valve China set, preliminary acceptance of the valve set components shall be conducted in accordance with the design requirements. The preliminary acceptance inspection shall be conducted jointly by the construction unit and the on-site project supervisors.

The preliminary acceptance of the solution of the pressure reducing valve fault in urban water supply shall include the following contents:

1. The model, specification and performance parameters of valve assembly should be consistent with the design requirements;

2. The components, accessories and spare parts of the pressure-reducing valve group should be complete;

3. The inspection report, qualification certificate, quality guarantee certificate and other technical data of the pressure-reducing valve group should be complete;

4. For domestic water supply system or direct drinking water pipeline system, the water supply pressure-reducing valve group shall have a copy of the type inspection of provincial or above quality, sanitary supervision and inspection institution and the sanitary inspection report of water-related products, and shall be stamped with the seal of the manufacturer;

5. The installation and operation instructions and supply list of valve assembly components should be complete;

6. Valve assembly package intact, appearance without defect and bruise;

7. If necessary, it may entrust relevant departments to conduct on-site sampling reinspection.

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