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Common pressure relief valve noise problem

 Common pressure relief valve noise problem shared by Valve Supplier China.

Commonly used pressure valve noise problem pressure valve is used for a long time will produce noise, pressure valve noise is three reasons, the following small make up with you to talk about pressure valve noise. The commonly used pressure relief valve is divided into membrane type, spring type and piston type according to the structural form, according to the action form is divided into: proportional type and constant pressure (adjustable) type. Constant pressure (adjustable) pressure reducing valve has a kind of both dynamic pressure reduction, static pressure reduction, and the pressure before the valve can be left to change, and the pressure after the valve can be stable in the required pressure pressure pressure regulator valve. When reducing pressure valve is used for water supply zoning in the fire extinguishing water supply system, in order to meet the requirements of static and dynamic pressure of the fire extinguishing port in the code, it is advisable to use the adjustable film reducing valve which can reduce dynamic pressure and static pressure, and also has the function of stabilizing pressure.

Common pressure valve noise problems pressure valve noise can be divided into the following three categories:

1. Pressure reducing valve mechanical vibration noise;

2. Fluid dynamics noise; 

3. Aerodynamic noise.

A common pressure valve noise problems caused by mechanical vibration noise

Valve Supplier China

Valve Supplier China

Pneumatic control valve parts in the flow of fluid will produce mechanical vibration, mechanical vibration can be divided into two forms:

(1) low frequency vibration. This vibration is caused by the fluid flow and pulsation of the medium, which is caused by the valve outlet velocity is too fast, the pipeline layout is not reasonable and the valve parts are not rigid enough.

(2) high-frequency vibration. This kind of vibration is in the natural frequency of the valve and medium flow caused by the excitation frequency consistent, hydraulic control valve will cause resonance, it is the pressure reducing valve in a certain decompression range, and once the condition has a little change, its noise change is very big. This kind of mechanical vibration noise has nothing to do with the velocity of medium flow, which is mostly caused by the unreasonable design of the pressure-reducing valve itself. The measures to reduce the mechanical vibration noise are to design the clearance of valve bushing and valve stem reasonably, machining accuracy, natural frequency of valve and rigidity of moving parts, and to choose the correct materials.

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