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Test method and procedure for seat leakage of v-type ball valve

 Test method and procedure for seat leakage of v-type ball valve

1. Preparation,

Prepare the pressure flange corresponding to the High Temperature Ball Valves China tested and check whether the o-ring is intact. If damaged, timely replace it;

Be prepared to test the leakage with a measuring cup or flowmeter that is more accurate than ±10% of the reading value of the leakage allowed by the valve being tested.

2. The v-type ball valve under test is fixed with the pressure testing flange

Lift the tested v-shaped ball valve on the pressure test equipment (special plane) with lifting equipment, and properly position the "O" ring and clamp it. (note: v-shaped ball valve is not allowed to be separated from lifting equipment before the end of the test)

Clamp the pressure testing flange and v-shaped ball valve tested with bolts and nuts.

3. Input the specified signal pressure to the air chamber of the actuator and apply the required valve closing torque to make the v-type ball valve in the closed position. Actuator input signal pressure values are shown in table 2.

4. Input test medium for v-shaped ball valve under test, and adjust the medium pressure to the specified value:

Metal seal: test medium is normal temperature water or air;

ball valve

Soft seal: test medium is air;

When the test medium is normal temperature water, the test pressure is 1.1pn.

When the test medium is air, the test pressure is 0.6mpa.

Note: when the test medium is normal temperature water, anti-rust agent should be added in the water to prevent rust.

5, the measured v-type ball valve input media pressure, make v-type ball spool action 2 ~ 3 times after closing, when the leakage of v-type ball valve is stable, measured at the outlet of v-type ball valve leakage.

6. Apply test pressure according to the specified flow direction;

7. Remove the v-shaped ball valve to be measured from the pressure test machine, empty the residual water in the valve, and blow dry the residual water with compressed air.

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