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The Selection Principle Of Pressure Reducing Valve

 Pressure reducing valve selection principle:

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1. The fluctuation of the inlet pressure of the reducing valve should be controlled within 80% ~ 105% of the given value of the inlet pressure. If the range is exceeded, the performance of the reducing valve will be affected.

2. In general, the post-valve pressure Pc of the reducing valve should be less than 0.5 times of the pre-valve pressure, that is, Pc< 0.5p1. Each gear of the valve spring is only applicable in a certain range of outlet pressure, the spring should be replaced beyond the range.

3 in the medium working temperature is relatively high occasions, the general selection of pilot piston type pressure relief valve or pilot bellows valve.

4 medium for air or water (liquid) occasions, it is generally appropriate to choose direct action film type pressure reducing valve or pilot film type pressure reducing valve.

5. When the medium is steam, pilot piston type pressure reducing valve or pilot bellows type pressure reducing valve should be selected.

6. For the convenience of operation, adjustment and maintenance, the pressure reducing valve should be installed in the horizontal pipeline.

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