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Commonly used valve metal material(part 2)

 Commonly used valve metal material(part 2)

Cast Steel Check Valve Manufacturer shares that the valve body and bonnet of common valve are cast or forged with metal materials. Generally speaking, castings can be of complex shape and reasonable structure, while forgings have simple shape but high strength.

1. Gray cast iron: the broken day is gray black, also known as gray cast iron, low melting point, good fluidity, small solidification shrinkage, can be cast complex shape and thin wall parts, cheap, but poor tensile strength, so a lot of used to make low-pressure valve, its nominal pressure 1 6 kg/cm 2, medium temperature 200. C. The commonly used brands are ht20-40, ht25-47, ht30-54, etc.

2. Malleable cast iron: it has higher tensile strength, better plasticity and toughness than gray cast iron. It is used to produce nominal pressure 25kg/cm z and medium temperature 300. C. nominal size 100 mm valve. The commonly used brands are kt30-6, kt33-8, etc.

3. Ductile iron: with high tensile strength, certain plasticity, toughness, can produce nominal pressure 40 kg/cm 2, medium temperature 300. C valve. The commonly used brands are qt45-5, qt40-10, etc.

4. Copper alloy: used for nominal pressure 40 kg/cm 2, medium temperature 200. C. Clean neutral medium is required. Due to the more expensive, generally only for small valves. Commonly used card guides are zosnl0-1, zqai9-2, zhlwn58-2-2,, etc.

5. Carbon steel: casting and forging for valves; Forged valves, generally nominal size 32 mm, larger valves are cast. Carbon steel panning door, suitable for nominal pressure 320 kg/cm 2, medium temperature <450. C. The commonly used brands are A3, A5, 20, 25, 35 and ZG 25, etc.

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6. Cr5Mo steel; This is a chromium lead steel of good heat and corrosion resistance, commonly used for higher temperatures but not exceeding 550. C of the petroleum medium.

7. Lcr18h-19t1 steel: this is commonly used cr-ni-ti stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance to nitric acid and other media and good casting and processing performance.

8. Crl8N112M02T1 steel: molybdenum titanium steel for short, suitable for acetic acid and other media.

9. 12CrlMoV steel: this is a kind of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium heat resistant steel, used for high temperature stiffness not exceeding 540. C noncorrosive media. More power stations are used.

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