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Briefly Analyze The Installation Position Of Check Valve Products

 Briefly Analyze The Installation Position Of Check Valve Products

Today we discuss Cast Iron Check Valve Supplier's products: installation location. Then how to determine the location of the check valve installation? What is the difference between pre-pump and post-pump installation of check valves and where is pre-pump installation applicable?

Check valves are usually used with other valves. Where should they be installed when used with other valves? Let's discuss it together.

Check valve is also called check valve, is a kind of automatic valve, it relies on the pressure of the flow medium in the pipeline to promote the valve disc, to achieve the closure and opening of the valve, when the medium stops flowing, check valve disc closed, it can effectively prevent the medium in the pipeline backflow, which plays a great role in ensuring the safety of the pipeline.

Cast Iron Check Valve

According to the structure of the check valve, can be divided into three types: lifting check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve. Lift check valves can be divided into vertical and straight type of two.

Swing check valve manufacturers products are divided into single - valve, double - valve and multi - valve three. Butterfly check valve is divided into butterfly double valve, butterfly single valve, the above check valve in the form of connection can be divided into thread connection, flange connection, welding and clamp connection four.

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