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How does the cryogenic valve work?

Cryogenic valve such as Cast Iron Gate Valve refers to the valve can be used for low temperature conditions, usually the valve will be regarded as cryogenic valve when the operating temperature will be lower than -40 degrees c cryogenic valve is usually used for oil and gas, air separation, natural gas industry, etc., if it can work the quality determines the safety, economy, continue. With the development of modern technology, the demand for cryogenic valves is increasing and the range of use is increasing.

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For temperatures above -50 degrees, do not use extended stem generally, for temperatures below -50 degrees, the length of the extended stem depends on the specific temperature. Cryogenic valve is mainly used for transmission like ethylene cryogenic medium, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum, etc., not only easy to explode, flammable, but also become a gas in the temperature, gasification, volume will expand hundreds of times.

Cast Iron Gate Valve Manufacturer thinks the low temperature valve material is very important, if not correct, will lead to the valve body shell and sealing surface inside and outside leakage, parts of the comprehensive mechanical ability, strength and hardness is not qualified, will cause fracture. If the liquefied natural gas leaks, it will explode. Therefore, material is the main problem in the design and manufacture of LNG valves. The valve body and bonnet consist of LCB (-46 Deg C), LC3 (-101 Deg C), CF8 (SS304) (-196 Deg C).

Long stem cryogenic valve designed to reduce heat from outside into the valve; And ensure that the packing gland temperature above 0 degrees Celsius, ensure that the packing is not affected; Finally, it prevents the stem and parts above the bonnet from freezing or frosting as packing temperatures drop.

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