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Commonly Used Metal Material For Valve(part1)

Commonly used valve metal materials are: commonly used electric valve metal materials ;commonly used pneumatic valve metal materials

It is not enough to know only the overall structure of the valve from Cast Iron Check Valve Supplier, but also the components and materials of the valve, so as to deepen the understanding of the valve.

In this chapter, ordinary valve body and cover, closure, stem and other three parts are introduced. Valve classification can be divided from the function, material, structure, pressure, diameter, connection, transmission mode, through the valve material to partition is a common classification. According to the material of valve body, the valve can be divided into metal valve, non-metal valve and metal valve body lining valve. And the metal valve is a common zui valve, is also a common zui valve.

Cast Steel Gate Valve

Metal valve,it is to show valve body wait for a part to be made by metal material material valve, if Cast Iron Stop Valve, Cast Steel Gate Valve, copper ball valve.

Common valve material is carbon steel, C I1Cr5Mo chrome molybdenum steel, HCr13 is stainless steel, malleable cast iron, K L aluminum alloy, P0Cr18Ni9 is stainless steel, PL00Cr19Ni10 is stainless steel, Q nodular cast iron, R0Cr12Ni12Mo2 is stainless steel, RL00Cr17Ni14Mo2 is stainless steel, S body and cover is too big to the valve, it has to bear the pressure of medium, to adapt to a lake in the temperature range, has certain corrosion resistance, so it determines the weight of a valve and fuel economy, tend to consider when choosing materials.

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