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Common Materials And Conditions Of Use For Valve Sealing Rings

 The knowledge of valve sealing ring material is not enough, fast, afraid of trouble, violation of operating procedures, it is easy to cause problems in the installation of sealing ring above, resulting in more serious consequences. Sealing materials include metal materials (aluminum, lead, indium, stainless steel, etc.), as well as non-metal materials (rubber, plastics, ceramics, graphite, etc.), composite materials (such as rubber-asbestos board, aerogel felt - polyurethane), but rubber elastomer materials are the most commonly used.

Valve sealing materials from China Casting Valve Manufacturers in its form is divided into fluid sealing materials, non-fluid sealing materials, dynamic sealing and static sealing four categories, can withstand the joint displacement to achieve the purpose of air-tight, water-tight and embedded in the building joints in the shape and shape of the material.

Common materials and conditions of valve sealing ring materials are as follows:

1. Synthetic rubber: synthetic rubber is superior to natural rubber in oil, temperature and corrosion resistance. Temperature t 150 ℃ or less general synthetic rubber, natural rubber t 60 ℃ or less and rubber is used in the nominal pressure of PN 1 mpa or less cut-off valve, gate valve, diaphragm valve, butterfly valve, check valve, pipe valve seal valve, etc.

2. Nylon: nylon has the characteristics of small friction coefficient and good corrosion resistance. Nylon for t temperature of 90 ℃ or less more, nominal pressure PN acuities were 32 mpa ball valve, stop valve, etc.

3. Ptfe:ptfe for t temperature of 232 ℃ or less, nominal pressure PN 6.4 MPa or less cut-off valve, gate valve, ball valve, etc.

Cast Iron Check Valve

4. Cast iron, cast iron used for temperature t 100 ℃ or less, nominal pressure PN 1.6 MPa, gas and oil or less use of gate valves, globe valves, plug valves, etc.Such as Cast Iron Check Valve.

5. Babbitt, babbitt used for temperature t - 70 ~ 150 ℃, nominal pressure PN 2.5 MPa or less ammonia with globe valve.

6. Copper alloys: copper alloys commonly used materials are 6-6-3 tin bronze and 58-2-2 manganese brass. Copper alloy good abrasion resistance, suitable for temperature t 200 ℃ or less, nominal pressure PN 1.6 MPa in the water and steam, or less commonly used in gate valves, globe valves, check valves, plug valves, etc.

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