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Causes Of Failure And Damage Of Stainless Steel Globe Valves

 Failure and damage of Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Globe Valves, pipe threaded connections installed between valve. Rotation and thread side, hexagon and octagonal parts can not use a wrench directly acting on the moon shell. The control ability and the size of the pipe end of the water separator should be avoided. Product configuration and hard construction is a kind of pipeline damage.

For sundries in the pipeline to increase water resistance, at the same time to destroy the sealing of valves and fittings is in the pipeline and the inlet filter. Adjust the valve and automatic valve, after the automatic exhaust and installation between the reducing valve and the electric valve, also need to read the manual carefully, according to the requirements of the relevant debugging.

Gost Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Gate Valve

Butterfly valve from Cast Iron Butterfly Valve Suppliers and stainless steel globe valve to the excessive speed, water hammer effect. Valve and pressure should be increased, several times may damage the pipe fittings and valve, must pay attention to the pipeline pressure and temperature fluctuations. Reduced service life of valves and fittings should be avoided.


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