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Where Are The Butterfly Valves Applied?

 When you Wholesale Cast Steel Butterfly Valve, you should know the butterfly valve is also called a disc valve, and the opening and closing member is a disc-shaped disc plate and can rotate around the axis of the valve body. Mainly composed of valve body, valve stem, disc and sealing ring. The valve body has a cylindrical shape with a short axial length and a built-in disc. The disc plate is driven by the valve stem. If it is rotated through 90°, it can be opened and closed once. The flow rate of the medium can be controlled by changing the deflection angle of the disc. The main seal is a sealing ring. The butterfly valves commonly used according to the application and medium have two types: clip-on butterfly valve and flange type butterfly valve. The wafer type butterfly valve uses a stud bolt to connect the valve between the two pipe flanges. The flange type butterfly valve has a flange on the valve, and the flanges on both ends of the valve are connected to the pipe flange by bolts.

Wholesale Cast Steel Butterfly Valve
The butterfly valve is suitable for regulating and cutting off various corrosive and non-corrosive fluid media in the engineering systems of furnace, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, hot and cold air, chemical smelting and power generation and environmental protection. The flow of the medium.
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