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What Should I Do If the Valve is Not Closed?

 When the valve such as DIN Lift Check Valve is in use, there are often some troublesome problems. For example, if the valve is not tight and the door is not tight, what should I do?

Under normal circumstances, if the door is not tight, first confirm whether the valve such as Pneumatic Drive Type Butterfly Valve is closed. If it is closed, there is still a leak and it cannot be sealed. Then check the sealing surface. Some valve seals are detachable, so take them out for grinding and test again. If it is still not strict, then it is necessary to return to the factory for repair or replacement of the valve, so as not to affect the normal use of the valve and the occurrence of working conditions and other problems.
If the valve such as 125LB OS & Y Gate Valve is not tight, you should first find out where the problem is, and then solve the problem according to the corresponding method.
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