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Four Indicators to Measure Valve Quality

 1. Control (determine the reliability of valve action)

The failure of the control system of the main steam valve such as Electric Drive Type Butterfly Valve and the reheat steam valve is one of the five major accidents of the steam turbine. The main performance is that the opening degree is inconsistent with the design, including the failure of the transmission mechanism, the lead ahead, and the lag, which affect the strength and vibration of the valve.
2. Strength (should meet life and rigidity requirements)
The frequent start-up of the unit has a particularly important influence on the valve strength and valve service life, especially the steam turbine with the regulating valve speed. The previous research focuses on the control problem of the valve such as DIN Resilient Seat Non Rising Stem Gate Valve. It seems that the strength problem can not be ignored.
3. Vibration
Changes in valve opening, poor dynamic performance of the actuator, and leakage of the valve body are all causes of vibration. The vibration itself has little damage to the valve itself, but it has a great influence on the whole unit, which is caused by low frequency oscillation.
4. Leakage (internal and external leakage)
Leakage is not only the cause of vibration, but also the leakage of external leakage, which also causes energy loss.
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