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Plunger Valve Working Principle

 A plug body with a through hole is used as a valve for an opening/closing member of a plunger valve in China Famous Valves. The plug body rotates with the valve stem to open and close.

The plug body of the plunger valve is mostly a cone body (also has a cylinder body), and the conical hole surface of the valve body cooperates with a seal pair. The plunger valve is the earliest type of valve, with a simple structure, rapid switching, and low fluid resistance.
The ordinary plunger valve is sealed by the direct contact between the finished metal plug body and the valve body, so the sealing performance is poor, the opening and closing force is large, and it is easy to wear. Usually it can only be used for low pressure (not higher than 1 MPa) and small Caliber (less than 100 mm) occasions.
Plunger Valve

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