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How To Protect And Repair The Butterfly Valve?

The protection of butterfly valve hydraulic drive equipment is essential for everyday life. The main aspects of repair are:

1. After the butterfly valve hydraulic equipment is completed, add certain oil to the equipment according to the instructions. The new oil is filtered before it can participate in the fuel tank. So does the 10K swing wafer butterfly valve.
2, when it is the initial operation, admit the direction of the motor is not accurate.
3, after the initial operation, the pressure in the accumulator should use nitrogen, must not use oxygen, because it is so easy to attack explosion.
4, we should always check the machine's various parts if it is normal and damaged, if it is not normal, replace in a timely manner to avoid the incident.
5, there is a fault indication, oil spills and other abnormal phenomena, we must promptly review, if you found problems, timely repairs.
10K Swing Wafer Butterfly Valve

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