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The Important Application Of The Valve

 1.The application of valves for hydropower stations and the construction of power stations in China are proceeding towards large-scale development. Therefore, large-diameter and high-pressure safety valves, pressure reducing valves, globe valves, gate valve, butterfly valves, emergency block valves and flow control valves, spherical seal instruments are required. 

2.Metallurgy Application Valves and aluminum oxides in the metallurgical industry mainly require the use of wear-resistant slurry valves (in flow-type shut-off valves) and regulating steam traps. The steel-making industry mainly needs to use metal sealed ball valves, butterfly valve and oxidation ball valves, shutoff flash and four-way reversing valves;
3.The application of marine valves, followed by the development of offshore oilfields, the amount of valves required by the ocean flat hair also gradually increased. Marine platforms need to shut off ball valves, check valves, and multi-way valves;
4.Food and medical applications valves, the industry mainly need to use stainless steel ball valve, plastic ball valve and butterfly valve.
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