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Features of Gate valve

 As we all know that gate valve in the pipeline for the main cut off.The following are some features of it.
1.Light weight
Body made of advanced ductile iron,the weight lighter than traditional gate valve about 20% -30%, which is easy to install and maintenance.
2. Flat-type brake
Elastic seat gate valve at the bottom with the same flat with the hose design, not easy to cause debris siltation, make the fluid unimpeded.
3. Overall plastic package
The gate valve is made of high-quality rubber for internal and outsourced rubber. The rubber vulcanization technology in Europe enables the vulcanized gate to ensure accurate geometrical dimensions.

4. Casting valve bodyValve body using precision casting, precise geometry allows the valve body without any finishing to ensure that the valve seal
I will also always share some articles about Ball Valve,Check Valve.Welcome those people who are interetsed in my share to follow and advise me.

Gate valve

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