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How to Choose the Floating Ball Valve Correctly?

In the valve products, floating ball valve is the most widely used. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient handling and maintenance. It can be used in high temperature, low temperature, corrosive and other different conditions just replace with different sealing materials. Compared to the price of the same size of the other balls, floating ball valve is a lot cheaper, so it is more popular among others.

Floating Ball Valve

In general, the temperature of the medium with no corrosion or micro corrosion is between -30 to 150 DEG C, and low differential pressure, stainless steel ball valve and PTFE valve seat can be chose. If the temperature is more than 150 DEG C , PPL is considered. 250 ~ 300 DEG C metal seal. Also, large differential pressure situations, floating ball valve is not suitable, especially the outlet vent place. Because the large differential pressure will blow the ball to be broken, result in ineffective switch, even stop working. Choose more bigger actuator to ensure the normal operation in the process. As for big calibre (DN150 or above) ball valve, it is better to choose a fixed ball valve or eccentric ball valve, V ball valve.

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