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The Application of Stainless Steel Ball Valve

In a variety of valves, the ball valve flow resistance is minimal, when full diameter ball valve open, the valve body and the connection diameter equal to a diameter, the media can almost no loss of flow, is an important valve. Flange ball valve is widely used in petroleum refining, chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, food, water, electricity, municipal, steel and other industries.

The sealing form of soft sealing ball and hard seal ball valve. Normal temperature type ball valve use PTFE seal, high temperature type can be used on the polystyrene or metal hard seal. With a low coefficient of friction, the operating torque is small, the maximum amount of leakage up to zero leakage, a variety of seat material can be chosen, to adapt to a wider range. In the choice of ball valve, not only depends on the price, but also depends on the quality.
Stainless Steel Ball Valve

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