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How to Maintain The Valve?

There are many types of valves, including ball valve, globe valve, gate valve and others, in fact, all kinds of valves have their own unique maintenance methods, this article outlined to explain the maintenance of the valve.

The maintenance of the valve should start from its installation to its use and storage. When we install the valve, must carefully check the sign of the valve, installation path, to eliminate defects caused by the transport process, and eliminate the valves of the dirt. The installation can be connected directly by the valve device in piping. Under normal circumstances, can be installed anywhere in the pipeline.
During the use of the valve, we should keep the valves clean, drive screw must be lubricated regularly, once found fault, should immediately stop, and excluded malfunction.
When storing the valve, we should be regularly check the store place, valves should neatly stored in the room ventilated, dry place.

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