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What Are The Advantages Of The Ball Check Valve?

 Din swing check valve supplier summarizes the following points for your reference:
1. The ball check valve is adopted, which has the characteristics of large flow and small resistance;
2. The ball valve will roll evenly during the flow of fluid, and it is especially suitable for transporting industrial and domestic sewage discharge pipes with suspended solids;
3. The ball valve can effectively clean the channel and sealing surface during rolling, and has the function of cleaning the sealing surface;
4. Silent closing during the check valve closing process will not produce water hammer, which can better protect the sealing surface and have a longer service life; effectively prevent the occurrence of pipeline and valve plate noise during the equipment stop operation ;
5. The valve core of the ball check valve has no transmission parts, and it is a free-opening and closing structure. There is no wear of the drive shaft. The ball automatically rotates and rolls in the spherical pipe, and the sealing surface is updated at any time.
6. Due to the large amount of debris contained in the sewage, in the long-term use process, if the spherical surface is worn, it will only wear uniformly, and it will always maintain high shape accuracy without affecting the sealing effect.
7. As the core uses a structure of hollow iron balls covered with rubber, the check valve has a certain elasticity during use, and can play the role of absorbing and reducing vibration;
8. In addition, the sealing surface of the spherical structure is relatively narrow, the sealing pressure is relatively large, and the sealing effect will be better;
Judging from the above characteristics: China cast iron check valve is the best choice in the process of pumping sewage, and it is also the best configuration in the configuration of sewage riser. The standard configuration of high-end sewage lifters are spherical check valves, which can effectively ensure the best results and longest service life in the process of pumping sewage.

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