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Why Should The Globe Valve Be Lower In And Higher Out?

 Many people think that globe valves are low-in and high-out, but this is not true. Generally, the shut-off valve is low-in and high-out. However, there are some special cases where the shut-off valve is high-in and low-out. gost globe valve manufacturers introduces you.
Shut-off valve is also called shut-off valve, which is a kind of compulsory sealing valve. It is a kind of shut-off valve. There are three types of connection: flange connection, screw connection and welding connection.
This type of shut-off valve is ideal for shut-off or regulating and throttling. Because gost globe valve china has a relatively short opening or closing stroke, and has a very reliable shut-off function, and because the change in the valve seat port is proportional to the stroke of the valve disc, it is very suitable for Regulation of flow.

Gost Globe Valve

Gost Globe Valve

The shut-off valve is designed as low-in and high-out, the purpose is to make the flow resistance small and save effort when opening the valve. At the same time, when the valve is closed, the gasket between the valve housing and the bonnet and the packing around the valve stem are not stressed, and will not be exposed to the effects of medium pressure and temperature for a long time. In addition, the packing can be replaced or added when the valve is closed for easy maintenance.
Many people think that globe valves are low-in and high-out, but this is not true. In general, the shut-off valve is low-in and high-out, but there are some special cases.
1. Gost globe valve with diameter greater than 100mm
Due to the poor sealing performance of large-diameter valves, in this method, when the shut-off valve is closed, the medium pressure acts on the valve disc to increase the sealing performance of the valve.
2. Two shut-off valves connected in series on the bypass pipeline, the second shut-off valve requires "high in and low out"
In order to ensure the tightness of the valve in a maintenance cycle, the valve that is often opened and closed requires two series of shut-off valves. For the bypass system, the installation of the bypass has the following functions: ① balance the pressure of the main pipeline valve, make it easy to open and save labor, and reduce the wear of the main pipeline valve; ② the small-flow warming pipe during startup; , Control the feed water flow rate to control the boiler boosting speed for the boiler water pressure test. According to the medium flow direction, the bypass stop valve is a primary valve and a secondary valve, respectively. The primary valve and the secondary valve are closed during normal operation of the unit, and both are in direct contact with the medium. In order to prevent the gasket between the secondary valve housing and bonnet and the packing around the valve stem from being affected by medium and temperature for a long time, and the valve packing can be replaced during operation, the required installation direction of the secondary valve is "high in and low out."
3.Boiler exhaust and vent stop valve
Boiler exhaust and vent stop valves are only used in the process of starting and feeding the boiler. The frequency of opening and closing is small, but the working fluid is often lost due to inadequate sealing. Some power plants have installed such stop valves in order to improve the tightness. "High in and low out."
4.Electromagnetic quick-release valve
The function of the electromagnetic quick-off valve is to close quickly and cut off the fuel supply quickly. The structure of the electromagnetic quick-release valve is similar to that of the shut-off valve. If the electromagnetic quick-release valve also enters the working fluid from the lower part and flows out from the upper part, the fuel exerts a large force on the lower part of the electromagnetic quick-release valve, and the weight of the electromagnetic quick-release valve is far less it. Therefore, if the working fluid enters the quick-disconnect valve from the lower part, the torque generated by the weight is less than the torque generated by the fuel pressure, and the fuel cannot be cut off when the quick-disconnect valve operates, thus failing to achieve the intended purpose. If the working fluid enters from the upper part of the quick-disconnect valve, once the quick-disconnect valve is actuated, the pressure behind the valve is rapidly reduced, the force of the fuel acting on the lower part of the disc is quickly reduced to zero, and the force of the fuel acting on the disc and the weight, The force created by the lever's gravity.
Generally, it is difficult to close the valve when using low-in and high-out in large-caliber and high-pressure state. If low-in and high-out is used in high-pressure and large-caliber state, the valve stem is easily deformed and bent under water pressure for a long time, which affects the safety and sealing of the valve; Selecting high inlet and low locations can make the diameter of the valve stem smaller, which also saves costs for manufacturers and users.

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