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Types of globe Valves and selection principles

 The globe Valve is believed to be well understood by many people. For its type and how to choose it, it is also a fog. Today, the Gost globe valve manufacturers introduces the stop valve.

Commonly used globe Valves are as follows:

1) Angle type: In the angle type, the fluid only needs to change the primary direction so that the pressure drop through the valve is smaller than that of the conventional structure.

2) DC type: In the direct current or Y shape, the flow path of the valve body is inclined with the main flow path, so that the degree of damage of the flow state is smaller than that of the conventional one, and the pressure loss through the valve is correspondingly small.

3) Plunger type: This form is a conventional variant. In this valve, the flap and seat are usually designed based on the principle of the plunger. The valve flap is polished to form a plunger that is coupled to the valve stem, and the seal is achieved by two elastomeric sealing rings that are placed over the plunger. The two elastomeric seals are separated by a collar and the seal around the plunger is pressed by the load exerted on the bonnet by the bonnet nut. The elastomeric seal can be replaced and can be made from a wide variety of materials. The valve is mainly used for "opening" or "off", but with a special form of plunger or special collar, it can also be used to regulate flow. .

The most obvious advantage is that during the opening and closing process, the friction between the valve flap and the sealing surface of the valve body is smaller than that of the gate valve, so it is wear-resistant. Its opening height is generally only 1/4 of the diameter of the seat channel, so it is much smaller than the gate valve. Usually there is only one sealing surface on the valve body and the valve flap, so the manufacturing process is better and easy to repair.

The selection principle is:

1. The forge steel globe valve should be used on the pipeline or device of high temperature and high pressure medium. Such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, high-temperature, high-pressure pipelines of petrochemical systems.

2. The globe Valve is used on the pipeline where the flow resistance is not strict. That is, the place where the pressure loss is not considered.

3. Small valves can be used with needle valves, instrument valves, sampling valves, pressure needle valves, etc.

4. There are flow adjustment or pressure regulation, but the adjustment accuracy is not high, and the pipeline diameter is relatively small, such as the nominal diameter of ≤ 50mm pipeline, should be used.

5. For small chemical fertilizers and large chemical fertilizers in synthetic industrial production, high pressure angle type or high pressure angle type throttle valves with nominal pressure PN160 nominal pressure 16MPa or PN320 nominal pressure 32MPa should be used.

6. In the desiliconization workshop and the easy coking pipeline in the production of alumina Bayer method, it is easy to select the DC type or DC type throttle valve with the valve body separated, the valve seat can be removed, and the carbide seal pair.

Forge Steel Globe Valve

In summary, it is some introduction to the type of globe valve and the selection principle, I hope to help you understand it. Our company provides wholesale angle globe valve. If you want to know more about the consultation, please contact us and we will provide you with professional services.

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