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Analysis of China Casting Valve Manufacturers to choose valves to pay attention to what point

 In recent years, the China Casting Valve Manufacturers realized the valve unattended strong automatic control, so the quality of the valve manufacturers to choose the valve to pay attention to which point?

I. parameters and specifications

So-called the parameters of the valve specifications can also be in short calls it the types of products, the principle of the valve consistent but the details are different, so is applicable to different places, such as the valve manufacturer of fire dampers in the mainstream of 3 c contains smoke fire damper and automatic smoke fire damper and so on all sorts of types, main control parameters and specification is the basis of choosing fire damper.

Ii. Applicable place and operating temperature

Cost-effective Cast Iron Gate Valve Manufacturer product identification will be clearly marked in the product operating temperature, it will directly determine its application, some inexpensive valve has certain versatility and generality, but as far as possible choose to install it in the main area, such as public buildings action temperature of fire dampers in exhaust system is relatively high, and the ordinary residential or commercial air conditioning system of action temperature of fire dampers in the 3 c is relatively low.

Iii. Functional requirements

For valve factory valves in the same product in different places have different requirements, so you choose 3 c before either from above or below the line of fire dampers in the choose and buy depends on its basic function and the applicable scope, such as fire damper, for example, still depends on whether you need 3 c fire valve has the function of automatic open and close, whether can meet the needs of normally open, if there is a remote control and signal output, and other functions.


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