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Notes For Use Of Cast Iron Butterfly Valves

 We are a leading Cast Iron Butterfly Valve suppliers. Today we are going to talk about the matters needing attention when using cast iron butterfly valves. Check the specification, pressure, temperature and corrosion resistance of cast iron butterfly valve before installation. All parts should be inspected for damage or looseness.

(1) this butterfly valve can be installed on pipelines at any Angle, and it is advisable to close the installation; When welding the pipe flange, the valve sealing port should be blocked with a plate to prevent the particles and debris from contusion sealing surface.

(2) remove the valve after welding, clean the sealing cover of the valve and the inner cavity of the pipe, and then install the fixed valve.

(3) pay attention to the pressure direction of the valve in the closed state during installation.

(4) before installation, the sealing surface (both end sealing surface, butterfly plate sealing surface and seat sealing surface) shall be thoroughly cleaned to remove dust and dirt.

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