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Classification of Valve Electric Actuator

Valves have considerable number of types, the principle is not the same, usually the valve achieve the opening and closing control by rotating the angle and moving the valve plate. We should select electric actuators according to the type of valve.

There are three kinds of electric actuator, they are rotary electric actuator, multi-turn actuator and linear actuator.
1.Rotary electric actuator (angle <360°)
Rotation of electric actuators output shaft is less than a circle, usually 90 degrees can achieve the control valve opening and closing process. This actuators are divided into direct-attached, base crank according to different mounting interface methods. Such actuators apply to butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valves and so on.
2.Multi-turn actuator (angle> 360°)
Rotation of electric actuators output shaft is more than a circle, that is greater than 360 degrees, it generally takes multi-turn to achieve control valve opening and closing process. Such electric actuators are suitable for gate valve, globe valve.
3.Linear actuator
The motion of actuator output shaft is linear motion type, not the form of rotation.
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