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Structural Forms of Ball Valve

Ball valve can be divided into three categories according to form of the structure.
1. Floating Ball Valve
The ball valve is floating, floating ball valve has simple structure and good sealing, but the ball all bear the load of the working medium to pass the exit ring, under pressure of medium, the ball can produce some displacement and pressed against the sealing surface of the outlet end, to guarantee seal. So to consider the ring material can withstand ball medium work load. This structure is widely used in the low-pressure valve.

Floating Ball Valve
2. Mounted Ball Valve
The ball valve is fixed, after pressure produces no movement. Usually equipped bearing on upper and lower shaft, operating torque is small, suitable for high pressure and large diameter valve. To reduce the ball valve operating torque and to increase the reliability of the seal, it has emerged valve oil seals.
3. Elastic Ball Valve
The ball valve is elastic. Ball and valve seat rings are used of metal materials, sealing pressure than the large, rely on the media itself has reached less than the pressure seal requirements, must apply force. This valve is suitable for high temperature and high pressure medium.

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