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How to Buy Household Valves?

When we buy the household valves, see the surface of valves, it should be no trachoma, plated surface should be shiny uniform, we must pay attention to some obvious defects, such as peeling, cracking, burning, pitting and dark spots, painted surfaces should be fine, smooth and uniform, these defects will affect the life of the valve directly.
See the connection between valve pipe thread and pipe, threaded surface should not have obvious defects, such as dents, broken teeth, etc. It is noted that the connecting member and pipe thread screwed effective length will affect the reliability of the seal. Generally cylindrical pipe thread of DN15 effective length is about 10mm.
Gate valve, ball valve marked with nominal pressure on their body or handle, we purchase suitable valves according to our needs. If the consumer wants to replace the existing gate or ball valve, should clarify the length to avoid can not be used after purchase.

DIN Ball Valve

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