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Principles of Valve Pressure Test

Valve production is a complex process, production cycle of ordinary valves such as gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve is three days generally, produce high quality valves must carry out performance testing, the most important one is the pressure test. Pressure test is that valve can withstand meets production requirements, the general pressure test valve must comply with some principles and considerations.

1.Generally speaking, the valve does not do strength test, but after the repair, the valve body and bonnet shall be carried out strength test. For safety valve, all tests shall comply with the specification and the relevant procedures.
2.Before we install the valve, should make strength and tightness test.
3.Duration of strength test and tightness test is 2 ~ 3min generally, important and special valves should be last 5min. Small diameter valve test time can be correspondingly shorter, large diameter valve test time can be longer correspondingly.
4.Throttle valve does not need to test sealing closure member, but the strength test and tightness test of the packing and gaskets need to make.
5.During pressure test, valve closing force allows only a person's normal physical strength to close; when the diameter of the hand wheel is not less than 320mm, it allows two people close together.
6.After the strength test and tightness test, the bypass valve mounted on the main valve, the main valve need make the strength and tightness test.
7.When cast iron valves makes strength test, use a hammer to tap valve body and cover, check whether there is leakage.
8.When the valve pressure test is completed, we should be removed water in the valve body immediately, and make the test records.

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